Love at Doggie Daycare

Valentine’s Day Parents Outing 2023

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
Josh Billings, humourist, and lecturer

February is the month of LOVE

It’s February and there’s no shortage of love at doggie daycare! There is no doubt that we love our own dogs AND we love YOUR dogs! (To be fair we love pretty much all dogs ha ha) Every dog that joins Daycare, boarding and/or training become incredibly special to us. They entertain us daily with their antics and we love getting to know each personality as it develops with age (if they join us from puppyhood) and as their confidence grows (if they are shy when they start out). I personally enjoy watching as the friendships between the dogs grow and develop. Watching them meet their BFF. Seeing the excitement as the other one arrives at school. Having them pull us to the gate where their BFF awaits on the other side. Watching the games and fun!

Doggies love our daycare

Our very first Valentines event

The lovely people at Ou Meul Bakery in Melkbosstrand, just down the road from Pet-i-ket along the R27, allowed us to invite our clients to bring their soul mates (their dogs of course!) to come have a play date. They are incredibly dog friendly so if you want to take your dog along on a human date this is a good place to go! Ou Meul allowed the dogs to have off leash playtime while the humans socialized. This allowed the dog parents to put a human face (and name) to the dogs they are all too familiar with from pick up/drop off and stories we tell them about their dogs’ day.

Prizes are important!

A part of the event was a lucky draw for a fantastic prize, the more humans that were present to represent the dog, the more tickets in the hat (or this case box 😊) The prize was a R350 gift voucher from Dog Mom (for the human to shop online ) and a gift voucher from Freshly Groomed (for the doggo to have a bit of a pamper) nicely placed in a Dog mom coffee mug, sitting on top of a Dog Mom coaster. (Check out what Dog Mom has to offer on their website:

We all had such good time and can’t wait for our next WAG Club get together!

It is a great privilege

Sharing our lives with these amazing creatures who love us unconditionally, unquestionably and allowing us to be the centre of their universe is in my opinion, one of, if not the best, opportunity and benefits of being human.

Until next time,

Kerry & Team Pet-i-ket

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